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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Legend Iraq President of Asian

Saddam Hussein, he is the President of Iraq form 16 July 1979 to 9 April 2003, he is 5th president of Iraq. Saddam was born in a small village of Al-Awja from the Iraqi town of Tikrit at 28 April 1937, his father “Hussein Al-Majid” disappeared before he was born and his entire life child it’s all Sunni Muslim part of Iraq it’s 100 miles north of Baghdad, when he is 13 years old, his brother died of cancer. His mother “Subha Tulfah Al-Mussallat” remarried with Ibrahim Hassan when he is 3 years old, Ibrahim he have been brutal and thief and he send the little boy “Saddam” steal chicken and sheep until his age at ten, and then Saddam move back to Baghdad again by live with his uncle “Khairallah Talfah” Talfah he is confidants for Saddam. When he is 16 years old, his first start attempted to be admitted to the prestigious Baghdad Military Academy.

He joins to the Baatth Party (Baath Arab Socialist Party: Political party and movement in fluencies among Arab communities in the Middle East especially in Syria and Iraq) and he was the one on participated in non-successful coup attempt against the monarchy of King Faisal II. And then he and his group of Baathist support the attempted to assassinate General Abdul Qasim, who that led the Baathist group but the attempted is unsuccessful that make him escapes to Syria and after to Egypt, but after the attempted make him move up to the leadership position in Baathist, he was very active and stronger in coup that make him took place in Iraq.

Four years when he is 20 years old in Egypt
he can finish high school and return to Iraq at 1963 it’s same years the Baathist officers tortured and assassinated General Abdul Qasim, it’s all done by show on Iraqi television, that make Saddam back in this years to join in Baathist again for a position of influence and in this years he was marry with Sajida Tulfah, they have 5 children’s (Uday Hussein, Qusay Hussein, Raghad Hussein, Rana Hussein, Hala Hussein. And all his life he have had 4 wife’s) but 1964 he was in jai 1.6 years by some rightist military officers who opposed the Baathist takeover.

After he been in jai 2 years he become to important leader of Baathist Party, and he became an increasingly powerful by he is the deputy in charge of internal secretary-general of Baathist as name Jihaz Haneen, Jihaz Haneen it’s sever as continuation of him. After powerful he had gain Iraq in the war with the neighbors “Iran”, this war continues to 8 years from 1980-1988 by the United States support the money, weapons and many thing to Iraq that make man die hundreds to thousand and many more, Soviets had support Iran in this war, and this war make many wars happen follow them.

After 8 years wars with Iran that make Iraq have debt with many countries, only one product that Iraq can make its Oil, then he try to urged the Kuwaitis to forgive the debt accumulated in the war but Kuwaitis refused that money, then he try to pushed oil-exporting countries to dispute oil price by cutting back oil production and he also try to ask the land back from Kuwaitis, he said Kuwaitis try to offer the boundary in Iraq at Rumailah oilfield about 4 km when Iraq had wars with Iran and try to rend the island for when they sales oil by this way and not pass to Saudi Arabia and Turkey, then he was complain about dispute oil price with The U.S State Department for year, that make Iraq in to the wars again. After Iraq-Kuwait, Kuwait become to the part of Iraq but in 1991 the U.A let alliance organized by George Bush ran Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, Kuwait come back to freedom again by help from The United States.

Concluding of his life
March of 2003 he disappear from Iraq but U.S forces captured him, December 14, 2003, the U.S administrator in Iraq said they found Saddam Hussein in spider hole that not too far from Trikit, when the day they met him, his face full with beard and have a long hairs, with two AK-47 machine guns, $750,000 cash in $100 bills, briefcase of documents and the white and orange taxi that was park near the compound after him hiding. November 5, 2006, by the Iraq special tribunal has finally sentenced the deposed President Saddam Hussein to death by on next December 30, 2006. Day of Death in the morning December 30, 2006 was executed by hanging him in Baghdad.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Traditional Weddings of Northern Thailand and Asian Dating

Traditional Weddings of Northern Thailand

Ancient Asian marriage and dating traditions vary from culture to culture but many similarities remain the same when it comes to courtship of ones daughter.

In ancient times, dating in Thailand was not as easy like it is today. Before we did not have Internet, telephones, mobiles to help make you’re dating easy. When a man liked some girl, he would try to talk to that girl by going to visit her at her home in the evening. Some times the men would walk; some take a bicycle or motorbike if that man was rich.

When he arrives at her home, first he would meet, not the girl, but he would meet her parents. The parents would then ask the young man about his life, his work, who are you, who his parents and where is his home.
They would want to know many things about the young man who was about to date their lovely daughter. After all the questioning if the parent liked the young man they would let the daughter come out of her room to talk to him, but the parents would stay close to the daughter when she has conversation with him.

Some parents would not ask questions of the man who liked their daughter, but they would stay in same the room, close to where the guy and girl talked. When the parents did not like the man, they would send a signal by coughing or dropping something in the floor for make some noise, that would mean the parents disapproved and time for the girl to end the conversation.

The parents are absolutely very important and they have a lot of power for girls when choosing someone for her life. If the parents do not like him, that means you can’t marry with him. On the other hand, some parents like a man because of many reason such as they know his parents or prearranged marriages where the girl and boy have been engaged before they were born etc… and the girl does not like him but still has to marry with him.

The Thai Engagement

In the past the engagement was quite simple, no need of a ring, no need to have lots of money, no need for a big house. The parents or the person that respect the couple meet and talk and come to an agreement and approval of the engagement was all that was required. Some family, from the mans side can give some money to the girls parent it’s OK, some parents they will keep that money when they are engaged until the couple are married then the parents will give back that money back to couple, for the newly married couple to use for investment of their life together.

Why give money or gold to the girls parents? Many misunderstand this and they don’t know about Thai people, and ask many time. “The money or the gold that they give to the girls parents means “Thank you” for the parents who give that girl to him. Who ever take care of that girl when she is born till the time she marries and has her own family, we call this money and gold “Sinsod Tongmun” or in western culture would be known as a dowry.

Thai traditional Wedding

In ancient Siam lord and lady of the day where elephants, monks and classical dancers in full costume took part of a local wedding ceremony so richly steeped in ancient traditions and culture. Today however the normal weddings are a little different.

Thailand weddings consists of 4 parts, every part have there own traditional but not much different, even one part they still have a different traditional. Some provinces at North which part of Thailand, there have a simple tradition wedding.

Choosing the Date

The couples have to choose the day for marriage, maybe they consulted to see if the stars are compatible or ask from someone who knows about horoscope to choose the best possible day so the marriage is blessed.

Sending out Invitations

After choosing the day for marriage the couple then has to invite the elder people that they are respect, there relatives, neighbors, friends, and chose friends of the groom all of which will join in the celebration of the wedding.

Choosing the place for the Wedding

Some Thai people, when they have a wedding, they chose the girls house for traditional and they will prepare everything before the day wedding at place they choose, they design what they want, how the look by them self, day for prepare will have relatives, friend, neighbor to help. But now many couple they change to traditional wedding at hotel, they don’t have to prepare everything by themselves just tell who ever at the hotel take care of the wedding about how they want, what the wedding look like, how many people they invite, what kind of foods they want and etc..

Day wedding

In the morning at place that have the traditional wedding, many people will prepare food, stuff for traditional that will happen in the evening. In the afternoon the girl who will marry will prepare herself for the wedding in the evening. Some of the bride’s girl friends will help her to groom and fix her hair. In the evening before the sun has gone down, the man who will marry or the groom will come to her house, but before he will arrive to her house he must have a tradition that we call “Khan Maak Procession”. Khan Maak Procession typically starts from the mans house but sometimes if the man lives far from girl house then they will start from some location that is not to far from the girls house. The procession is a lot of fun, they will have music playing for the tradition and who ever comes with the procession will dance before they arrive to the house of the wedding. But sometimes before they are arrive at the wedding house the guys relatives will hide he somewhere and the guys relatives will let the girl find him, it’s more fun.

Once the procession arrives at the house of wedding, the girl’s relatives will have the gates closed and bound with a silver belt and a gold belt. The relatives will stand and hold the gate closed and man or groom must try to open the gate and who ever stands there will be asking him is he has enough money for marry the girl or not, joking with him and after they will ask for look the money, gold, gift or etc… After he gives some money, some gift for thanks to whoever is at the gate, they will let him go inside the wedding house and then the girl will clean his feet with water at the first step of the stairs. (A long time ago every house at my place they would have the water at the first step of the stairs for clean feet before entering the home.) The traditional wedding couple will kneel in front the elders that they respect or the couples parents and they will put the chain, made from a crochet ball, on his head to her head (The crochet ball that they put on Thai call “Sai Mongkhon” and they will put sai mongkhon only one time by old people they respect) after this they will have the old man for auspicious and blessing them.

Then they will bind the couple from his hand to her hand with sai mongkhon. The binding of the couple hands is done by the older people they respect or the couples parents and next is the relatives by generations to generations but the relatives who are younger than the couple they will not bind them. During this time of binding the hands, some guests will offer foods to everyone and all pass and express their congratulation to couple.
The last tradition the elders or the couples parents sends the couple to the bed room or Thai call it “Kaow Hoe”, this tradition will use the same place by renewing the girls bed room, they will put money, flowers on the bed.

In the bed room they will choose the older couples whoever has stayed a long time till they have grown old together or some choose the older couples that have many children and they will sit on the bed waiting for the new couple and they will bless new couple. The elders or the couple’s parents will give blessings to the couple again that they have many children and they stay together a long time until they get old together and after they are all will leave the new couple alone to stay in the room. (Why they choose some old couple to stay till they are get old together or the old couple that they have many children’s it’s because meaning to the new couple to do the same thing in the future.)

Foreign people from many place such as The United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and some from African know about Traditional Thai Weddings. Some still try to have the wedding like Thai people do, as we seen from the TV News, wedding on the elephant, weddings under the water. They will also choose some nice island like Samui Island, Kradan Island or Tao Island for a day wedding.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 good Asian foods you should have in your refrigerator

What are they, those 10 good Asian foods which you should have in your refrigerator ?

Girls Please read me ;

  1. Drinking water , since water is the most important thing for survive .It help our metabolism to be good and normal . It help us to have good blood system and good heart . We will be strong and have good health and have good system of passing urine and defecation . Water will help Asian girls to have beautiful skin too :) . We should drink room temperature water , it is suitable for our health.

  2. Vegetable , since we need vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are high value food for vitamin and mineral sources and are high in fiber to help about defecation system .

  3. Egg , there are both protein and essential 9 amino acids. Eggs are a source of vitamins and minerals too, such as Vitamin A , B , D and E and Selenium and Iodine. The Egg has a little bit Cholesterol only 230 mg. / 1 egg has less cholesterol than butter , flour , sugar and meat with fat.

  4. Milk , all kinds of milk (cow , soy or yogurt ) because all of them have essential nutrition . Milk from cows will have more essential amino acids than milk from soy.

  5. Fish , protein from fish has low fat, easy to digest and has Omega 3 acid which has DHA and EPA. DHA will be useful for brain , nerves and retina. EPA will help to control cholesterol and reduce Triglyceride.

  6. Sour fruits , sour fruits such as orange , mango , guava have high vitamin C (less sugar than sweet fruits too) . Vitamin C will help to anti radical, help to look young.

  7. Yogurt , there are many vitamins in yogurt such as vitamin A, B1 , B2 , B3 , B6 , B12 , D and E . There is essential acid which help to absorb protein , calcium and iron into body . And help in digestion system , defecation system ,reduce cholesterol and to have beautiful skin .Natural yogurt which have low sugar is the best yogurt for health .

  8. Apple , there are many essential nutrition such as beta carotene and vitamin. And there are high fiber in apple which help to clean intestine. It is better to eat apple with its peel.

  9. Nut , it is a good source of protein same as meat. It is good if you would like to cook vegetarian food and use nut for protein. And there are many kinds of vitamins in nut which is useful for hair , skin and blood pressure . Unsaturated fat in nut will help to reduce cholesterol.

  10. Cereal , kind of corn , millet , sesame , sorghum etc. There are carbohydrates which take time to be digested , it is better than sugar if you would like to control sugar.